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If something you're looking for isn't here, feel free to DM me on one of my social medias! Always down to send links and/or dupes.

Mauve Dress
Brand: Dolls Kill
Price: $70 USD

Platform Boots
Brand: Nasty Gal
Price: $100 USD

Links to phone case (Wildflower Cases) and gemstone necklace (RoyalJewelryCo on Etsy)

Floral Dress
Brand: Dolls Kill
Price: $38 USD

Links to lipstick (Sephora) and blush (Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez)

Eyeliner in the picture is edited but I did have real eyeliner (Sephora) underneath it.

Puffer Jacket
Brand: Selkie
Price: $260 USD

Jeans are from Uniqlo, heart choker is from Pacsun, and tank top is from Forever 21

Caviar Puff Dresses
Brand: Selkie
Price: Ranges from $249 to $380 USD

I own the Caviar Puff Dress, Caviar Polka Dot French Puff Dress, and Caviar Silk Gauze French Puff Dress.

Black Dress
Brand: Urban Outfitters
Price: $89 CAD

Platform Boots
Brand: Dr. Martens
Price: $220 USD

Overshirt was thrifted and belt is from Target


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Miya (Mee-yuh) She/they INTP-T Korean-American Virgo CS Student

Catchphrase: "Joke's on you, that's what I'm into."
Type: Goth boys and anime villains (DM me please)
Mood: Tired
Favorite song right now: Cold Blood Warm Nights

Alternative fashionToo much social interaction
Contemporary poetryLoud/discordant noise
Coding (web/app development, data science, and AI)Country music, for the most part
ROLE MODEL, Grim Salvo, The 1975, etc.FPS and battle royale games
Animal CrossingSelf-proclaimed "weebs", "Koreaboos", etc.
League of LegendsFashion police
Haikyuu!!, AOT, Hikaru No Go, KNY, Beastars, Death Note, etc."Dark humor" as an excuse to be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.